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  • Rainbows
    A girl may become a Rainbow when she reaches her 5th Birthday and may move on to Brownies any time after their seventh birthday. In each unit, the Rainbow Guides decide which uniform items such as polo shirt, hooded jacket, jog pants, cycle shorts or tabard and colour the member of the unit will wear. Rainbows do not wear neckerchiefs or scarves.
  • Brownies
    A girl may become a Brownie at any time after her seventh birthday. A Brownie may move on to Guides any time after her tenth birthday. A Brownie chooses whatever she wants from the range of Brownie clothes. The clothes are designed for having fun and are stylish, practical and economical. A Brownie does not have to wear the same combination of garments as others in her unit. The unit decides if a Brownie can wear a neckerchief however it is still up to the individual if she wants to wear one.
  • Guides
    A girl may become a guide anytime after her tenth birthday. Guides move onto senior section after their fourteenth birthday. A Guide chooses from the range of Guide clothes. There is a range of tops to choose from and at normal meetings they can wear whatever they like on the bottom half including trousers, skirt or shorts providing they are appropriate for the activity or occasion. The Patrol leaders council will choose the neckerchief but the individual guide doesn’t have to wear one.
  • Rangers
  • Adult Leaders
    Any member of Girl Guiding UK who is aged between fourteen and twenty six is a member of the senior section whatever role in Guiding she has. A young woman or adult chooses from the range of clothes for the Senior Section or Adult Leaders as appropriate. A Senior Section member may choose to wear blue jeans, provided they are appropriate for the activity. Adult uniform is worn by members of Girl Guiding UK between her eighteenth and sixty-fifth birthday.